YAP end of year celebration

After a seriously big year and hours of volunteering we're celebrating the impact young people are having in Australia's refugee and social justice movement. 

You guys have been amazing in organising campus actions, hosting conversations, lobbying MPs, running photo petitions, turning up to rallies time and time again - and the incredible valuable work of inspiring friends and colleagues to act.

We're a passionate group  - and rather than being worn down by the ever inhumanity of our political leadership and media rhetoric, we're finding avenues to take action. These past few months have just displayed the policy impact possible when passionate people come together. 

Join us at to connect with one another. And at this busy time of year, celebrate the all work done. We're start at picnic in the CBD and make our way to a special gallery exhibition at 3pm. More info of art exhibition here.

In hope, 

Liyan Gao, YAP Coordinator (email [email protected] for details)