Our Vision: safety, fairness and freedom for people seeking asylum

refugee kids deserve safety, fairness and freedomEveryone deserves to live in safety and freedom, and to be treated fairly. We all understand that if we ever needed to escape danger, we would want to be treated with dignity. This basic principle common to all humanity drives our vision for how we respond to people seeking asylum in our community:

People living in peace in our community  

Making every effort to ensure people can live peacefully in our community while their protection applications are assessed, not in detention; this includes closing offshore detention centres and bringing people from Manus Island and Nauru to Australia for safety.

A fair process

Clearly-communicated timelines and adequate legal and language support with the right to appeal a negative decision and access to an independent review process that is consistent with standards enjoyed by all.

A permanent home with family

Restoring permanent protection for people found to be refugees including the ability to visit or be reunited with their families.

> You can learn more about these and other important policies on the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre website. 


People from across the community are stepping up to make this vision a reality – find an event, training or action near you, and read the report from our first thousand conversations!