Time for a Home was a refugee movement coalition campaign which called for the release of refugees and people seeking asylum who came to Australia from offshore detention in PNG and Nauru into the community, and a clear path to resettlement for anyone who arrived by sea after 2013. The campaign brought together refugee leaders, over one hundred civil society organisations, and tens of thousands of people across the community. 

Together, we forced the Morrison Government to free over 250 people from detention and finally accept New Zealand’s offer to resettle refugees who were subjected to Australia’s offshore detention regime.

We celebrate these wins for compassion, safety and fairness.

But more than ten years after our government forced them to brutal overseas detention camps, dozens of people who came here for safety are still trapped in Papua New Guinea.

TAKE ACTION: Tell your MP it’s time to evacuate the refugees trapped in PNG, so they can rebuild their lives, here or in another safe country.

Because no matter where we come from or how we got here, everyone needs a safe place to call home.