Getting on the #RightTrack is up to all of us!

In 2017 ASRC is campaigning to create a welcoming community where we are guided by our values and committed to fairness.

Getting on the #RightTrack means working alongside people seeking asylum and diverse communities from all sides of politics to frame a conversation where our values guide the way we treat each other.  

Getting on the #RightTrack means creating a system that assesses people’s cases for asylum fairly, offering permanent protection, and which treats people with dignity and respect while living in our communities.

Read more about the facts and the ways to provide a fair and dignified process for those seeking asylum to best present their case here.

There are many ways to get involved. ASRC Community Action Workshops, running in Victoria, Brisbane and Sydney throughout 2017, will share tools, strategies and actions to achieve a sustainable shift in community attitudes and help create more welcoming and harmonious communities.

Find your nearest Community Action Workshop 

Join with us as we work together to create a shared future with people seeking asylum that is guided by fairness, dignity and decency.