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Eleven years ago, the Labor Rudd Government condemned people seeking safety to a life of danger and uncertainty in Papua New Guinea. From the thousands who were stranded there, fifty people still remain.

Will you call on Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil to urgently bring them to safety?

Cut off from essential support, refugees are telling us they’re struggling to buy bread and milk to feed their families. A father described how his wife suffered a miscarriage, but was refused hospital treatment despite being in excruciating pain.1

The Albanese Government has a clear duty of care to the refugees in PNG, but continues to shirk its responsibility, placing blame with the PNG Government instead.

This crisis started with the Labor Government, and now they need to end it. Call on the Albanese Government to close this shameful chapter for good.




[1] ‘The wait is too long’: the refugees left in PNG after a decade in Australia’s offshore detention, The Guardian, 17 March 2024.