Public Narrative Training: from personal stories to collective action

Public Narrative is a method for organisers, activists, and community leaders to share their personal stories, build a sense of community around shared values and experiences, and ultimately, to move people to action.

In this very practical and interactive workshop you will: 

  • Learn how to tell your own story in ways that connect with your audiences and move them to action;
  • Learn about the power of values and emotions in public story telling and driving social change;
  • Learn how to use your story as a powerful tool in advocacy for justice for people seeking asylum and refugees; and
  • Have time to develop and practice your own 'public narrative'

This training is about a lot more than simply telling your story of coming to Australia, and why you had to leave home. We think it's very important that people with lived experience of seeking safety are not reduced to your 'story of flight', but are given the training and opportunities to become key leaders in the advocacy movement. This training course is part of that commitment.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used Public Narrative to powerful effect in her incredible campaign to defeat one of the most powerful men in Congress. Before this video, almost nobody had heard of her. 

To get the most benefit from this training, we recommend that participants already have:

  • Reasonable English fluency
  • A basic understanding of Australian politics
  • Some experience of speaking in front of others (this is not a general public speaking course)

Lunch will be provided.

Note: this training workshop is specially designed for new and emerging community leaders with lived experience of seeking asylum or a refugee background. 

Registration is free, as this training is fully funded by the ASRC. Spaces are limited, so please register now to secure your place.

About the Trainer

Justin Whelan is a highly experienced community organiser with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. He has two decades' experience working in advocacy, organising and policy reform across government, parliament and non-government organisations. Justin is also a veteran educator, having trained over 1000 people in the 6 years he has been with the ASRC; as well as working as a sessional lecturer for postgraduate students for two years. In 2020 Justin completed the Leadership, Organising and Action masterclass training led by Harvard Professor Marshall Ganz, who developed the public narrative methodology and was a senior trainer for Team Obama in 2008. This is the second public narrative training Justin has delivered specifically for people with lived experience of seeking asylum or refugee status.