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We Are Stronger Than Fear

No matter where we’re from, most of us are proud of our vibrant, multicultural society.

For too long, elections have been used to spread fear about refugees and divide us against each other.

Together, we’re stronger than fear. This election, let’s pledge to say ‘yes’ to refugees and people seeking asylum.

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We Are Stronger With a Plan

PROTECTION: Permanent protection for refugees stuck on temporary visas

Refugees in Australia should have permanent protection and a clear resettlement pathway. Our current system is hurting the most vulnerable for no clear reason. We want permanent protection, clear resettlement plans and a fair process for all.

FREEDOM: Freedom from Detention and a real solution for resettlement

Australia’s immigration detention regime is out of step with the general public and international community. People seeking asylum and refugees must be immediately released from detention.

SAFETY: A universal safety net for all refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia

All refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia should have access to mainstream social support such as Centrelink, housing assistance, Medicare and work rights. We cannot keep denying people the basic means to rebuild their lives in a supportive community.

HUMANITY: A generous refugee program for those fleeing violence and war

We are generous and welcoming people, blessed with safety and opportunity. But the government has mostly closed the door on those needing safety from violence and war. We call for a new emergency additional humanitarian intake system, which would help those from places like Afghanistan and Ukraine, and a commitment to increasing our humanitarian intake to 50,000 within five years.