Don't let Peter Dutton take away Mobile Phones from People in Detention

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Australian Border Force already has extensive powers in immigration detention. Giving them the powers to confiscate mobile phones is a cruel and unnecessary move.

We urge all Members of Parliament to oppose this bill.

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Peter Dutton is pushing for sweeping new powers - again.

After refusing to ensure the safety of refugees and people seeking asylum in overcrowded conditions in immigration detention during the coronavirus pandemic, Dutton now wants to give Australian Border Force more powers, including the ability to confiscate mobile phones.

Dutton has fought time and time again to restrict or ban mobile phones in immigration detention because they shine a light on what's really going on.

Without them, we wouldn't know the story of the family from Biloela, that people are being forced to sleep four to a room in a pandemic or that basic necessities like soap aren't available.

Mobile phones are a lifeline for refugees and people seeking asylum. 

Not only would these changes take away that accountability and transparency, it would rip away refugees and asylum seekers access to their families, loved ones, legal representation and the outside world.

This is yet another example of the Morrison Government trying to distract from the most pressing issue - that they have indefinitely detained people seeking asylum and refugees.

Sign the petition and call on politicians to block Dutton's latest push for unnecessary and harsh powers. 

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