No Child Left Behind - October Budget action

A crisis is unfolding, with children and families at its heart. People are being left destitute and at risk of homelessness.

While the Australian government moved quickly to offer support to those in need in these difficult times; tens of thousands of people seeking asylum and refugees were left without any support.

With the federal budget due in October, we have a short window of opportunity to demand they provide access to basic financial assistance during this pandemic. 

Take action now - write an email to your local MP using our simple tool.


Notes for your Email

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  • Many people seeking asylum have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19, as they often work in the service sectors worst affected.
  • People seeking asylum are not eligible for JobSeeker or JobKeeper payments, like many other workers.
  • We also know it will be hard for them to re-enter the workforce, especially in the current economy.
  • There are currently some 16,000 children and young people under the age of eighteen seeking asylum in Australia. That’s 16,000 students at local schools whose parents are much more likely to have lost work than the average person, and who have NO access to Centrelink.
  • Ask them to ensure additional funds are included in the October 6 Federal budget, to ensure people seeking asylum have access to basic supports during the pandemic. 

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