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To the honourable members of the Senate,

We call on you to urgently establish a senate inquiry into the the provision of health care on Manus Island and Nauru, and the failure of government to comply with independent medical advice regarding refugees and people seeking asylum held within Australia's system of offshore detention.

Goal reached!
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A Rohingya refugee who spent five years in detention on Manus Island had complex medical needs and was consistently denied urgent medical care by the Department and could not reunite with his family in Australia.

We were all deeply affected by his passing last week. 

He is one of many people on Manus and Nauru. Over the last 12 months, alarming reports have emerged of Dutton's department regularly disregarding medical advice, slowing processes, and denying treatment.

It's clear the actions of unqualified bureaucrats and politicians are risking lives — and we need to act fast.

Dutton and his department are notoriously secretive, but if thousands of us call on parliament to launch a probing inquiry we can expose the total disregard for doctors and medical care in Australia's offshore detention regime.

When the Australian Medical Association called for an independent assessment team to be allowed access to Manus Island, Peter Dutton refused, promising them 'enhanced levels of health care' on Manus.

But in practice, his department did the reverse and gutted medical services on Manus, in a move Amnesty International called "inexplicable" in a report released just last week.

It's the department's failure to comply with its own medical advice that is costing lives.

After the third death on Manus in as many months, we must turn the spotlight on the government's fatal habit of disregarding doctors and medical care.

Will you join the call for a senate inquiry to prevent further death and suffering?

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