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We work and volunteer together. We live on the same streets. Our kids go to the same schools.

But right now, thousands of people who came for safety over a decade ago are being denied a clear pathway to the permanence they need to rebuild their lives.

When the last government stacked our refugee system against people who crossed the sea in search of safety, they called their system “fast track” - but it wasn’t fast, and it wasn’t fair.

It robbed people who came for safety of the chance to have life and death decisions checked in a fair way.

A decade on, thousands of men, women and children have been left living in fear of being taken from the towns and suburbs they’ve called home for a decade or more.

The Albanese government went to the last election promising to create an independent tribunal that can review life-changing refugee decisions fairly.

They’re yet to live up to that promise, or offer a clear pathway to permanence for people failed by a system stacked against them from the start.

Wherever we’re from or however we got here, most of us know our families and communities do better when we can put down roots in a safe place.

It’s time this government let the men, women and children failed by this flawed system have the permanence they need to truly rebuild their lives as part of our community.

After a decade, their home is here.