Hand write an invitation to your home for PM Turnbull

Once you have written your letter, let us know by filling in this form, then go find a postbox and mail your invitation!

Help us reach 3,000
1,846 letters

Grab a blank piece of paper from your printer or note pad and follow these steps: 

1. Start with an opening like this:

Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull,

I am writing to invite you to my home to have a conversation. I want a home here in our communities for people seeking asylum.

2. Then add in the body:

Why you want a home in your community for refugees and people seeking asylum.

Talk about your values

Here are the numbers to include:

Around 25-30,000 people living in Australia without permanent protection, work/study rights and at risk of deportation, homelessness and losing life saving support services.

Around 12,500 people, including families with children are losing income support and won't be able to meeting basic needs like rent and food.

And 1800 people detained in offshore processing, facing deteriorating mental and physical health and no certain future.

3. Finish with:

I and my family / housemates / partner / children / pets would love to have you over to our home to have a home cooked meal and to talk about how we can support refugees and people seeking asylum to have a supportive, permanent home here in our communities.

Please let us know when you are free to come over to our place.

4. Sign your name. Add your suburb and post code underneath

5. Take your beautiful hand written letter to the post office, get a stamp and envelope, stick the stamp on right hand corner (just in case you don't know) of the front of envelope, write your address on the back and the Prime Minister's on the front:

PO Box 6022, House of Representatives
Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600

6. Take a selfie or photo of you posting it in the mail box. Red is a powerful colour for super hero action!

7. Post the selfie / photo on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram with #ChangeThePolicy 
Ask your friends and followers to take the same action in your post. We have six weeks to get all our letters in to the PM!

If you have done all this - thank you. You have made a huge difference to protecting people seeking asylum.

8. Please tell us if you have sent a letter by filling out the form.

9. Share and reach out to your networks by preparing a letting writing lunch time action here

We will stay in touch for the next collective action to change the policy for good.




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