Craft a freedom Bird

Craft an origami Freedom Bird and fly it to Parliament to send a strong message to Scott Morrison.

Doctors and Australia's peak medical bodies are fighting back against the Morrison Government – who wants to tear down lifesaving Medevac legislation and take away doctors ability to give proper medical treatment to people detained offshore.

In just a month, the Senate will cast the final vote on whether or not Medevac stays.

Stand with Australia's leading doctors and peak medical bodies, and craft as freedom bird, write a message in support of #SaveMedevac on the wings and fly it to Parliament.

1. Craft an origami Freedom Bird.

2. Write your messages of support on the bird.

2. Fly your birds to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's office in Parliament

Fill out your details below and we will email you instructions on how to fold an origami Freedom Bird and how to fly it to the Prime Minister's office in Parliament.