Craft a freedom Bird

Prime Minister Morrison and Minister Dutton are solely responsible for the medical care of sick refugees. And for the future of 535 people the government has been detaining offshore for six years and counting.

It is more urgent than ever that the Government find permanent resettlement for every woman and man off Nauru and out of PNG as quickly as possible.

Craft an origami Freedom Bird and fly it to Parliament to send a strong message to Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton.

1. Craft an origami Freedom Bird.

2. Write your messages of support on the bird.

2. Fly your birds to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and/or Minister Dutton's office in Parliament.

Fill out your details below and we will email you instructions on how to fold an origami Freedom Bird and how to fly it to Parliament.

Thank you for taking action to prevent more lives being lost to medical neglect.

Together we will win a permanent, safe home for men, women and children seeking asylum.