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To Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews,

Every family has the right to be together. But the Morrison Government is needlessly keeping thousands of families apart.

We call on you to end the separation of refugee families now. #FamiliesBelongTogether

The Australian Government is deliberately and systematically separating family members and preventing them from reuniting where one family member has sought asylum at Australia’s borders. Refugees are forced to make an unthinkable choice between their safety, their health and being with the ones they love.

Successive Federal Governments have used three main methods to tear families apart:

  1. Separation by endless deprioritisation of certain family reunion applications, effectively denying permanent residents who arrived by boat the prospect of ever being approved for family reunion.  

  2. Separation by complete ban on family reunion for refugees who hold temporary protection visas.  

  3. Separation by offshore detention, including those sent offshore while family members remained in Australia, and those separated during a medical evacuation. 

As a result, tens of thousands of people live each day apart from their closest family members. 

The Government is using the ties that bind families together – the love a mother has for her child, a husband has for his wife, a brother has for his sister – to try to prevent people from exercising their right to seek safety. Now, we have a unique opportunity to end this policy of cruelty. We need your help to reunite families.

Can you sign our petition calling on the Australian Government to stop separating families?

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Photo (above): UNHCR

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