End the Secrecy on Nauru

End the Secrecy on Nauru

The public has a right to know what’s being done in our name, to people who seek safety in Australia.

But the Albanese Government continues to operate Nauru Detention Centre under a cloak of secrecy by providing no public information about the welfare of 39 people seeking asylum who were forced there after arriving in Western Australia over a week ago.

The ASRC is deeply concerned by the lack of transparency surrounding the treatment of the recent transfers in light of a decade of reported human rights abuses suffered by people and children held on Nauru, including violent assaults, rape, child abuse, and medical neglect.

Given the known deterioration of people’s mental and physical health every day they are held offshore, the Government must be immediately forthcoming about people’s welfare and the consideration of their protection claims.

Please call your local MP now. Our simple calling tool will patch you straight through to their office. 

Ask them to contact Home Affairs Minister Clare O'Neil on your behalf, demanding transparency over the wellbeing of people held in offshore detention on Nauru. 

When you are ready, click the Call button, and wait for our online system to call your phone.

  • When staff answer, say you want to leave an important message for your Member of Parliament.
  • State your message. Be polite.
  • Leave your full name and postcode.
  • Request a call-back or email from the member.
  • Thank them for their time. 

Here are some talking points to guide your call:

  • A clear message that you care about the welfare of people who have been forced to Nauru after seeking safety in Australia,
  • That the Government needs to be transparent about what is happening on Nauru, and
  • That you want to know people held on Nauru have the appropriate legal and medical support, and their claims for refugee status are being properly and efficiently assessed.

If you can't get through, try calling again later. If you get the answering machine, leave a message and try calling again later. Every call you attempt is important, even if you don't get through.

Spread the word

Post your MP office's response on social media using the hash tag #StoptheSecrecy and ask more people to call.