Email Senator Ruston to Support People Seeking Asylum during the Pandemic

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The Government has deliberately and cruelly excluded people seeking asylum from the Job Seeker and Job Keeper programs.

People seeking asylum and refugees largely do casual work, are losing work hours. They are facing extreme poverty and homelessness, making it harder for some to practice safety measures such as staying at home.

Take Action Now:

Send a message to Social Services Minister, Senator Anne Ruston, to demand she use her powers to include refugees and people seeking asylum in the Government's covid support packages like Job Seeker and Job Keeper, as well as regular health and social services they desperately need at this time. 

EMAIL: [email protected]

 the most effective messages to politicians are those in your own words. Focus on speaking from your heart and values. 

Key messages:

  1. The Government must include everyone in the Job Keeper and Job Seeker packages. But the current COVID-19 safety net package excludes people on temporary visas, which includes tens of thousands of refugees and people seeking asylum.

  2. The Government needs to ensure everyone has access to Medicare and income support at this time. But thousands of people seeking asylum don't have access to Medicare or income support, so they are without a safety net to protect them from the worst economic impacts and risk of infection and transmission of COVID-19.
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