CALLING PARTY: Stop Labor's Entry Ban and Deportation Bill

Join us via Zoom on Thursday 9th of May at 1pm - 2pm AEST to make phone calls to the Labor government stop passing the cruel Entry Ban and Deportation Bill that criminalises refugees.

The Senate’s Legal Constitutional Affairs Committee has published its report on Entry Ban and Deportation Bill which has traumatic impacts on the refugee communities. Despite of receiving hundreds of submissions against the Bill and hearing details testimonies at the inquiry hearing, refugee communities are devastated to learn that the Senate Committee has dismissed expert testimonies, community submissions and the voices of lived experience in the report which has only two key recommendations - one to pass the Bill, and the other encouraging the Minister to “consider community impact” when designating a country as a removal concern country.

If passed into law, the Bill will force people fleeing persecution to choose between returning to countries where they face harm or even death, or be sent to jail for refusing to cooperate with their removal. The Bill also gives the Minister powers to refuse visa applicants from countries such as Iran, South Sudan and Afghanistan – causing permanent family separation and untold harm to migrant communities across Australia.

Our hour-long, lunch time action can help put pressure on the government to consider compassion for refugees over punishing them further on the top of what they are already going through.

We will start the calling party with a briefing on the current state of play and some tips for making powerful, effective phone calls to make the politicians sit up and listen. 

We will then provide you with a list of targeted politicians and spend around 30 minutes calling them raising our concerns for the safety of refugees who this bill can put at imminent risk of harm if becomes the law.

After making our calls, we'll come back together to debrief and celebrate what we've achieved together.

Calling parties are a fun, easy way to take action together, by making impactful phone calls to politicians with the power to make a difference.

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