Call Karen Andrews - Time for a Home

BREAKING: The Government has cruelly and forcibly moved refugees from various detention facilities across Australia to the Park hotel prison in Melbourne. 

Instead of releasing the refugees from Kangaroo Point and Adelaide into the community, where they could be supported to begin rebuilding their lives in peace, the government has once again forcibly transferred them in handcuffs from one form of detention to another

Take Action Now: Call Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews

Demand she use her discretionary powers to release all the Medevac refugees from detention into the community, where they can be supported to begin to rebuild their lives. 

PHONE NUMBER: Parliament house office - (02) 6277-7860

TIP: the most effective messages to politicians are those in your own words. Focus on speaking from your heart and values. 

Key messages:

  1. Instead of shunting people from one detention centre to another, the government should release them into the community.

  2. Everyone deserves a place to call home. No matter where we come from or how we got here, we all want the same things: a safe place to live with our families.

  3. The Government has recently released about 150 people from detention. There is no reason why they cannot release those who remain in detention. Keeping them in detention is just cruel, but serves no policy purpose. 


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