Language for change workshop-Sydney

Making the best case for refugees and people seeking asylum with Words that Work

In this 2 hour workshop, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre will share practical strategies on how YOU can shift the conversation about refugees and people seeking asylum to a more positive message based on Safety, Dignity and Freedom.  The workshops are based on ASRC's  2015 ground breaking research Words that Work, that tells us how the language we use can influence how we think and speak about an issue.

In the workshop you will:

  • Learn new messaging strategies to maximise the results of current advocacy efforts
  • Have the opportunity to delve into the research and how to apply it in different contexts 
  • Gain access to new tools and resources 

These workshops are part of a long term national strategy (#RightTrack) that aims to achieve sustainable change in community attitudes that lead to policy changes that support a fair and dignified process for people seeking asylum.