Now is the time to Change the Policy for people seeking asylum

Australia's 'deterrence' policies have harmed thousands of men, women and children. Offshore processing, onshore detention, and a highly delayed protection application process all harm people who arrive by boat seeking protection and asylum on our shores.

It has never been worse for refugees and people seeking asylum.

This government continues to intensify its calculated cruelty. After nearly seven years, people's mental and physical health are in critical condition. Their ability to meet basic needs such as food and a home are at high risk.

Now is our best chance to Change the Policy to make sure this harm does not continue, together as a powerful community movement.

Take the pledge by signing your name to a universal and powerful message of a home for people seeking asylum.

We will send you regular actions and invitations to act together and raise our voices as one to successfully pressure our political leaders to Change the Policy, for good.

Sign your name

"I want a supportive, permanent and safe home for people seeking asylum in our communities. I want people to live together with their families and have the same rights as everyone in Australia - to work and study, to a universal safety net, to freedom from discrimination and a fair legal process, no matter how they arrive or where they come from"

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